Apple Farming in Australia

apple farming in australia

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Right since our childhood we have been listening to this phrase very often. And Apple farming in Australia is done for many reasons. These are very popular fruits and a favourite of the majority of the population on the earth. Apples are very beneficial for our health and therefore it is recommended to us from a very early age. Doctors and researchers have proved that there are many benefits of eating apples and it is very helpful in keeping us healthy. It is rich in antioxidants, dietary fibres, vitamins and a range of other nutrients. These nutrients and fibres found in apples are very beneficial for preventing several health conditions.

Apple comes in various sizes, shapes, and colours but have you ever thought how apple farming is done? The best thing about apples is that it can grow in any climate. There are several species of apples that grow only in winter and some grow in all the seasons. But the common practice of apple farming is done in cooler regions. The favourable climate condition of Australia is very perfect for growing apples. It can be grown on a large tree as well as in miniature forms. If you have a small garden, no need to worry. You can still grow apples in pots.

Apple is considered one of the best snacking fruit around the world and apple farming in Australia is done on a large scale. There are a variety of apples that are grown in the different parts of Australia. New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia are peak places where apples are grown. Victoria is the largest producer of apples and about 43% of the nation’s apples are grown in Victoria. The main growing regions of Victoria are Goulburn Valley, Yarra Valley, Harcourt and Southern Victoria and the main varieties of apples are Cripps Pink, Granny Smith and Royal Gala. After Victoria, New South Wales is the largest producer of apples in the country. Some of the best varieties of this region are Cripps Pink, Red Delicious and Royal Gala. Queensland is a cold region and it is the third largest producer of apples. Pink Lady, Royal Gala, Granny Smith and Red Delicious are some of the varieties that are found in this region.

Know About Some Favourite Australian Apples

Apple farming in Australia also contributes to the world on a large scale. There are some Australian apples that are liked by all in and outside Australia. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

  • Kalei

These apples were produced in Queensland through cross-pollination. It did not use any chemical or genetic engineering and is 100% natural. It is red in colour and tastes sweet. It can retain its firmness and texture for up to three weeks. It is best for fruit salad.

  • Golden Delicious

As the name suggests, golden delicious is of bright yellow colour and sometimes has a golden skin with a pink tinge. When the skin turns to golden from green they are the sweetest and the juiciest at that point of time. These apples are popular for making pies and tarts.

  • Fuji

These apples have a more sweet taste as compared to the other apples. The sweetness of Fuji apples can be compared to honey. These apples are ideal for snacking because of its sweet taste and crunchy texture. Their skin colour may vary sometimes but they have a red/pink skin over a greenish-yellow base.

  • Pink Lady

It is also known as Cripps Pink. This apple was formed by cross-pollination between Golden Delicious and Lady Williams. It goes by the name “Queen of Apples” as it is Australia’s favourite apple. They are not very sweet which makes them perfect for cooking.

  • Jazz

These apples are the result of cross-pollination between Gala and Braeburn apples. Jazz was originally grown in New Zealand, but is widely grown in Australia and is loved by all. It has a sweet tangy taste which makes it perfect for baking breads, muffins, cakes and pies. These apples have pink or red blush skin and their flesh is quite dense.

  • Red Delicious

This apple has intense red to crimson skin. It is of classic snow white apple shape. These apples are mildly sweet and have light crispiness. It is mostly used for making salads and is generally eaten raw.

What are the varieties of apples that are grown in all seasons in Australia?

  • Red Lady
  • Anna
  • Tropical Sweet
  • Golden Dorsett
  • Granny Smith
  • Green Glow

What are the varieties of apples that are grown only in cold climate in Australia?

  • Red Delicious
  • Sundowner
  • Golden Delicious
  • Pink Lady
  • Red Fuji
  • Royal Gala
  • Jonathan

What are the varieties of apples that love heat?

  • Anna
  • Dorsett Golden

The Right Way to Apple Farming in Australia!

Apples are wonderful and versatile fruit. It has great health benefits. It is loved by everyone all across the globe. It can be eaten in many ways. It can be eaten as a healthy snack, or in a fruit salad, muffins, tarts and pies could be made out of it. It has a great taste and can be grown easily if certain points are taken care of. Let’s see how to grow apple trees the right way.

  1. Choose a Good Apple

As you are planning to grow an apple tree in your backyard make sure to choose the right apple which can flourish in a less space and give a bountiful yield. Conduct all the background research before planting the seed.

  1. Choose the Best Place

The tree should be planted at the right spot so that it gets ample amount of natural sunlight and rain.

  1. Get Down to Earth

The seed must be planted deeply in the soil and the soil should not be extremely dry.

  1. Pest Control

The tree should be sprayed with insecticides and pesticides so as to avoid it from being spoiled.

  1. Water them Right

The apple plant must be watered regularly. It should not be under or over watered.

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