Greenhouse Farming in India

Greenhouse Farming

What is Greenhouse?

It is an area which is covered by polyethylene, transparent material, glass or poly-carbonate. Where we can control temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide etc environmental factors even we can control irrigation, fertigation, pest-diseases etc and give protected environment. So that we can take higher and qualitative production in limited area in any season.

How net house is different from Greenhouse?

Net house is not control completely; it gives shades, protected from pest and animals. Whereas in Greenhouse we can control whole environment completely.

Which types of crop can be grown in greenhouse?





Cherry Tomato




Leafy Vegetables


How much coast required for greenhouse?


For polytonal 500-600 rs/me2

Natural Ventilated greenhouse 850-1060 rs/me2

Fan and pad greenhouse 1400-1650 rs/me2

Net house

400-600 rs/me2

What are the characteristics of martial use for greenhouse?

The martial of plastic can be protect to the crops from UV rays.

The plastic should have 0.2 mm thick and 7 meter width which are good for greenhouse.

Iron, wooden, bamboo, pvc or cement pillar can be used.

Can greenhouse be made in low coast?

Yes it can be made low coast by use of bamboo or wooden.

First state to initiate greenhouse farming in India?

Sikkim is the first state to initiate greenhouse framing in India. 

Greenhouse farming business plan in India:

Now days greenhouse is new concept for agricultural and it gives new methodology for the cultivation. There are some points which should be taken in mind.

Which is first state in area of Greenhouse farming in India?

Maharashtra, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh are the most leading states of greenhouse cultivation.

What should take precaution before to make greenhouse?

The area of greenhouse should be in raise other than surrounding area.

The area should be like that o that rain water can be drain easily.

 Structure of greenhouse should be as per the cultivated crop and topography of the area.

Greenhouse should be far from buildings and big trees. So that it get sufficient sunlight.

The area should be free from pollution and far from industrial area.

The transport facility should be available.

Which type of media can be used in greenhouse?

Soil, clay, vermiculite, pit, sphagnum moss, pumice, perlite, leaf mold, compost, wooden waist, cocopit etc.

Even crops can be cultivated without any media in the high tech greenhouse.

What are the characteristics of media?

Water holding capacity should be higher.

It should free from pests and diseases.

It should be free from weed seeds.

It should have higher porosity.

It is available from local area.

The pH of media should be 5.5 to 6.5 or as per the crop.

Types of greenhouse

There are so many types of greenhouse based on shape, construction, material, ventilation etc.

  • Greenhouse type based on construction:

Wooden framed structures

Pipe framed structures

  • Greenhouse type based on ventilation

Natural vent greenhouse

Fan and pad polyhouse

  • Greenhouse type based on shape

Sawtooth type greenhouse

Ridge and furrow type greenhouse

Uneven span type greenhouse

Even span type greenhouse

Quonest greenhouse

Interlocking ridges greenhouse

Ground to ground greenhouse

Advantages of greenhouse farming

Crops can grow off season also and can be grown whole year.

Give higher production than the open field crops

Quality of product is higher than natural cultivated crop

It can be protect from diseases and pest.

What are the Problems of greenhouse?

There are some pests which attacks in the greenhouse like leaf minor, leaf eating caterpillar, thrips, aphid etc.

Nematode is very serious problem in greenhouse.

Powdery mildew wilting leaf spots are common disease in greenhouse.

How to control nematode in greenhouse farming?

To cultivate resistance variety

Crop rotation

Cultivate trap crop

Soil solarization


Keep filed clean


Greenhouse farming is a new opportunity for the framers and even for other industries. Even it gives higher production with higher quality of product within limited area.   

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