How to grow carrots in containers?

grow carrots in containers

We all know carrots are very useful for health and think is it possible to grow carrots at your home? So my answer is yes we can grow carrots in containers and we can get organic carrots so let me explain some important things and steps for how to grow carrots at home. You get many important information and details about carrots growing here and you can try it. It will definitely be useful.

So let me start growing carrots indoor with our guide on growing carrots in containers

Growing season:

Mostly carrots are the best growing season in winter and if you are planning to grow carrots in winter you should seed from October-November this is a good time to sow seeds and carrots also growing at monsoon.

Sunlight requirement:

Most farming experts suggest 6-8 our direct sunlight to perfect root growth.

Potting soil:

it should be spaded to16 inches deep and humus worked into the soil so that it is a light, friable texture that permits easy root growth and harvest, and fertilized with modestly greater potash and phosphate compared to nitrogen to promote root growth 


About 6–12″ deep. The deeper the better. Just know that if you only have a 6″ pot, you’ll only have a 4″ carrot at most. Which is an good enough dimension for me, however may additionally now not be what you desire. You can typically plant about 9–16 carrots in one rectangular foot so if you have a 12″ pot you can develop about a dozen carrots at a time.


basic guidelines experts suggest for spacing your carrot rows:

Allow for at least 12″ between rows; 18″ is ideal is good for your it

Spacing relies upon upon the variety grown and its top height.Spacing needs are additionally dictated by the width of the cultivation gear being used.

Consider planting pelleted seeds with a precision seeder to obtain neat, precisely spaced carrot rows and decrease labor and waste. (See below for more about Pelleted Carrot Seed.) 

Seed sowing:

Carrots are grown via direct seed sowing in containers. Make sure you should sow seeds at least 0.5 cm deep, and plant 2-3 seeds in every planting hole. Firm the soil gently after masking the seeds and water them immediately. Seeds should germinate within 8-10 days. 


What is a good fertilizer for carrots?

How to grow carrots with Haifa fertilizers

Growing medium: open field. Plant population: 1,800,000-2,000,000 Seeds/ha. Expected yield: 60-80 T/ha, Recommended rates of nutrients (Kg/ha): N. P2O5.Base-Dressing. Apply at this stage the natural manure (20 T/ha), 20% of N and K2O and the entire amount of phosphate, Side-Dressing. Days after. If the soil in your garden is not prosperous in nutrients, you may need to fertilize your carrots.You have to fertilize carrots when they reach 3 inches tall. If you can manage granular types of fertilizer it can be a work batter. If used in moderation. Choose a fertilizer that has little nitrogen and extra potassium and phosphate – 0-10-10 or 5-15-15 will work well. Pay attentiveness to the three  number code on the bag of fertilizer.Here I would like to suggest there three number indicate those should use Respectively nitrogen, phosphate and potassium For instance, a 10-10-10 fertilizer contains 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphate and 10% potassium. Phosphate and potassium encourage more root development. Because carrots are a root vegetable that grow under the surface of the soil, phosphate and potassium are more beneficial to carrot growth.


Now that you know when to pick carrots, you’ll prefer to know the best procedure for how to harvest carrots from the garden. Grabbing and pulling the leaf often leaves tangible foliage to which the carrot is not attached.

When determining when to pick carrots, consider how tons you can use in a two- to four-week period of time. Carrots can be left in the ground for an extra 4 weeks or even longer in winter. Make sure you harvest the last of the carrots before the ground freezes solid. When carrot harvest time arrives, have a storage sketch in mind.You can store carrots with green tops remove in the refrigerator for two to four week.They will maintain in a bucket of sand in a cool cellar for numerous months. Don’t save carrots near apples or pears. These fruits produce a gas that causes carrots to emerge as bitter. Carrots can also be canned, frozen or pickled for longer storage. 


Carrots can be sown in excessive density in shallow pans and trays to obtain micro-carrots.The green leaves and tiny carrot roots are both harvested collectively as micro-carrots. These are supposed to be loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

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