How to Make Your Kitchen Garden Look Beautiful?

kitchen garden

Who doesn’t love greenery, and what if I say let us get the Centre of Greenery (Attraction)at your doorstep. From cucumber to tomatoes, herbs to spinach, and many more you can plant it in your kitchen garden. The dire demand for getting fresh vegetables and fruits has led to the formation of a Kitchen Garden in every house.

Are you thinking of setting up your own Kitchen Garden on the balcony or terrace?

Setting up a Kitchen Garden is not only about getting organic veggies, but it is also about getting surrounded in the lap of Mother’s Nature and the joy of watching your saplings grow. You can set up a kitchen garden even with few pots, a small area, but what you most need isa keen desire for laying it.

What is exactly a Kitchen Garden and where you can set it up?

A kitchen Garden is your way to growing some super organic veggies and fruits in your abode. In a world where the quality seems to be affected, the kitchen garden is your resort for the best-served fruit and vegetables.

The fruits and veggies fill your kitchen with their superior goodness and freshness as well as you don’t need a reserved space or a rule book for making a kitchen garden. It’s easier to design it in any given space either it is your balcony, terrace, or the backyard of your house. For growing Kitchen herbs and, plant you need an area of Proper sunlight and make sure the kitchen garden herbs you are using for plantation is free of chemical and pesticides.

How to grow Kitchen Garden Herbs?

As such, there is no rulebook for the plantation of edible Kitchen herbs but, duly care is needed while opting for Kitchen Garden Herbs as the herbs must be chemical-free and organic, keeping in mind the need for Air, Water, and Light.

SUNLIGHT Most of the herbs need sunlight to nurture at their best. You need to have proper orientation and duly care for your kitchen garden herbs.

WATER Watering is done as per the individual need of the plant. Every plant has different requirements you, first need to anticipate the soil and then water them accordingly.

Overwatering the plants may lead the leaves to turn yellow.

MULCH: Adding a layer of 3 to 4 inches of organic mulch can help in reducing pesticides, soil temperature, maintain moisture, and keep the veggies clean. You can make your compost with the help of wet waste like tea leaves, peels, etc. that makes way for letting your herb grow faster.

AIR: Every plant and herb has its requirement for soil, air, and water. Remember rotating your pots for maximum sunlight and proper air circulation.

Opting for a container: While planting your kitchen herbs you need to have a container or box with ample drainage holes and adequate space. Place a tray at the bottom of your container to prevent the leakages and allow the water to flow naturally.

Adding Fertilizers: To make a plant grow you need the right amount of fertilizers to add in it and make your own compost and tender the plant growth.

Every herb has its specified aroma and flavour that adds flavour to the most commonly grown herbs are Mint, Parsley, Corriander (Dhania), Tomatoes, Carum (Ajwain), Chillies, etc.

Now the most important question comes is how to make your kitchen garden look beautiful?

Who doesn’t want to eat fresh and organic veggies but, it doesn’t mean having some herb grown at the kitchen window or near around the sink. Proper well-defined space is needed to self-design your kitchen garden. A Kitchen garden means some edible herbs grown organically in your house.

To adorn your kitchen garden, one needs to keep in mind efficiency and the planting habits of your favourite herbs and arrange them in a way that catches your fancy. Let us start from scratch to make your kitchen look beautiful.

DIY CONTAINERS: You can DIY milk cans, cartons, bottles, recycle buckets, soda containers, and pots to make your kitchen garden look creative and attractive. Even you can plant your herbs in the old utensils, stand, and give your kitchen garden a different lookout.

SORTING: Instead of thinking of your kitchen garden as ugly ducklings, make your way to dazzling your eyes with the beautiful kitchen garden. You can try sorting and making your kitchen garden look even equally.

MIX AND MATCH – With a little bit of planning, you can try to opt for different colour veggies like Blue-green cabbage, Beetroots, carrots, etc. Rainbow Swiss Chard can be the focal point of your vegetable garden as they are too beautiful to stare at and garnered your attention.

You can also design your kitchen garden in the form of bold colour patches and in evenly rows with the complementary colour of your choices. The prime advantage of having a kitchen garden is you have a variety of options available to craft your space accordingly and establish a peaceful arena.

 You can also choose the setting up the boundaries to give your kitchen garden a different look you can opt for iron-fencing or planting beds.

 To fill the spaces in between, you can try sowing lettuce, curry leaves, mint, etc. Apart from this, you can arrange them in a staggered manner to make them look more astonishing.

You don’t need a big farm or few yards to set up a kitchen garden but you need a heartily- desire and a little care to see your space go green. Plants can be easily grown into pots or bottles and many of you would have seen them grow near around your kitchen windows. A well designed Kitchen Garden can turn out to be as beautiful as an Ornamental garden.

The happiness of seeing your plant grow is unmatched. Adding your home-grown flavour to the curry makes you go mad and even limits you to use the pre-packaged spices and vegetables meanwhile helping you in saving the bucks!

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