Types Of Blueberry (Nilbadri)

types of blueberry

Blueberry is also called NILBADRI and his scientific name is VACCINIUM CYANOCOCCUS. If we talk about blueberry cultivation this is fastest growing in india with right cultivation practice. These are perennial plants and usually bushes and its height least 10 cm to 4 m. They are mainly found in North America, Europe and Asia. They also contain a flower in a bell shape with white, yellow colors. these plants require moisture soil but the ph value of soil must 4.2 to 5 it is very easy to generate..Interesting fact about blueberry is first they are yellowish-green and then reddish-black, when ready they are black-purple. Mostly these are natural plants in some areas no farmer grows. But in foreign countries berries farming in high demand and its market value is so costly…Blueberry is used to enhance the immune system and also help in prevention of cancer. Commercially small species is called LOW BUSH BLUEBERRY and high species is called HIGH BUSH BLUEBERRY. There are great benefits of eating blueberry. It is also used as a medicine. Blueberries may help in fighting obesity, diebeties cancer due to the abundant antioxidants found in them. and I also wrote about Types of Mangoes when i describe many types of mangoes


There are four types of blueberry bushes according to location;


High bush blueberry has two different types one is (southern highbush blueberry) and second is (northern highbush blueberry). Jersey hardy blue, Legacy, Blue Gold, Rubel , Blueray, etc. are the types of southern highbush blueberry. If we Compared to other varieties of blueberries, there are more vitamins in high bush blueberry therefore it is also considered highly resistant to disease.


Low bush blueberry is producing in mostly America and Canada. Low bush blueberry is mostly producing America and Canada in. This plant is small as compared to the high bush berry. Chippeway, North blue and Polaris are the varieties of low bush blueberry…  these plants are growth in forest and acidic soil.


Rabbit eye blueberry is the famous fruit in south-eastern US. If Rabbit eye berry grow in right soil it is very easy fruit crop to grow and These plants can be grown easily in summer areas. Premier, Climax, Tifblue etc. are the varieties of Rabbit eye blueberry and their harvest season is mainly mid may-early June.


Half high blueberry is the high-quality variety that is grow in high temperature. This plants height approx 4 feet and increases in high temperature. North blue, North sky, Polaris, Northland etc are the varieties of half high blue berry and their harvest season is mainly early spring. It is the combined quality of high bush blueberry and low bush blueberry into the hybrid is also known as half high blueberry.

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