Types of Mango Fruits in India

Mango is also well-known as bathroom fruit or pride fruit of India or King of Tropical fruit. It is the national fruit of India and has been cultivated since many years. It is also called the King Of Fruit. and is originated from South East Asia (Indo Burma). India shares 4% of world mango cultivation. India is leading producing country in the world. Utter Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka etc are some of the leading producing states in India. Mango fruits are available in India during March to mid-August period. One can find more than 2000 mango varieties in India Let us have a brief discussion about some of the important varieties.

Types of Mango in India.

There are difference types of according to location and botanically. Mango Types as Per Location:

1) North Indian Mangoes:

These types of mangoes are cultivated in North Indian. They are monoembryonic, alternate bearing. Fruit bud differentiation occurs during February to March and fruits come to market at June to mid-August. In North India there are some famous varieties includes Dashehari, chusa, Langra, Bombay green, Fazali, Malda, etc.

2) Southern Indian Mangoes:

These types of mangoes are cultivated in South India. They are polyembryonic, regular bearing varieties. Fruit bud differentiation occurs during December to January and fruits come to market from March. In South India there are some famous varieties includes Neelum, Alphonso, Bnaganapali, Totapuri, Kesar, Malgoa, Raspuri etc.

According to mango cultivars types of mango name:

1) Kesar:

Kesar is most popular variety for processing purpose. It is originated from the Junagadh, Gujarat. It is called Kesar because of the flesh of fruit like saffron-colored and saffron appearance. Its skin is dull yellow in colour. Its shape is roundish with curved tip. It is export variety of India. It is known as Queen of Mango. and is available from mid-April to July.

2) Dashehari:

Dashehari is most popular variety of North India especially in Lucknow, Utter Pradesh.
It is available from mid-May to August. It is also export from India. It is very delicious in taste. It is also called “ChusnevalaAam”. Its flesh is fibreless and extremely sweet in taste. Its skin color is like yellowish green.

3) Totapuri:

It is typically southern Indian variety, mostly grown in Andhra Pradesh, TamilNadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. It is also known as Bangalora in south India. It is available from May to July. Due to parrot beak like structure with oblong shape of fruit it is called Totapuri mango. Its skin colour is typically yellow and skin is very thick. Fruit is very large in size. Its test is not that much sweet. It is mostly use to make pickles, salad, etc.

4) Chausa:

It is originated from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh region. When Sher-Shah-Suri celebrated his victory over Humayun, he named his favorite mango as Chausa which is grown near Chausa region of Bihar. It is made available during July to August. Its skin color is extremely bright yellow in colour. Its shape is like egg oval type. It is famous for its aroma. It is highly sweet variety.

5) Banganapalli:

It is known as Safeda or Banshan in Andhra Pradesh. Most popular variety in Andhra Pradesh. The name Banganapalli is drive from city name Banganapalli. Due to its popularity it is called as “The King of Mango in South India”. It is early season variety. The fruit is larger than other variety. It has bright yellow color. Fruit shape is oval and test is slightly sour.

6) Payri:

It is originated from Gujarat but most popular in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala. It is available from April to July. It is just like Banganapalli but its skin color is yellow with reddish tinge on skin. Its shape is oval type and has mixed sweet with sour test. Its shelf-life is not that much longer as compere to other varieties so it should be used quickly.

7) Alphonso:

Alphonso is one of the most cultivated and popular varieties available in India. It is originated from Maharashtra specially Ratnagiri district. It is also called Ratnagiri or Hapus. It is also grow in some region of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. It is available during May to July. It is one of the most important variety for export purpose. The skin color of the fruit is bright yellow with slight red on the top of the fruit. Fruit shape is like egg oval and medium in size. The flesh texture is creamy, fibreless and juicy. The test of the fruit is sweet and rich in mango flavor.

8) Langra:

Langra is very famous variety from North India specially West Bengal and most cultivated in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Haryana region. It has highest perfect flower percentage. It is available in the market from June to July. The colour of skin is light green. The fruit shape takes oval shape. Its flesh is fibrous and is rich in sugar. Its aroma is very strong after ripening. The fruit teste is sweet.

9) Himsagar:

Himsagar is very famous in NorthEast India and is originated from the West Bengal. It is available in the month of May to June. Its skin is greenish with bright yellow and the taste is extremely sweet. The shape of fruit is oval with medium size. The flesh is fibreless and juicy.

10) Neelum:

Neelum is most popular variety from South India. It is grown in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is available round the year. The skin colour of fruit is saffron yellow with a red. The taste of the fruit is sweet with sour. It is very famous for export because high keeping quality.

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